Selected Abstracts (Final)

The Sixth International Conference on Nusantara Philosophy

“Democracy, Identities and Ideologies”

The following list of accepted abstracts is the final result of abstracts review and selection process. The authors of abstracts listed are invited to present their papers in the Conference. We will announce the Conference program that informs the presentation schedule for each paper.

No Abstract Title Author(s) Affiliation
1 Language Right in Justice System Natdanai Nachan School of Law,

Mae Fah Laung University

2 Urban Religion and Kampung Ideology in Indonesia – Outlook for Progressive Religious Initiative in the Urban Poor Kampungs of Megapolitan Jakarta Mark Philip Stadler Asian Dynamics Initiative,

University of Copenhagen

3 Djauharah (1923-1626); the First Islamic Women Magazine in Sumatra Westkust Khairul Asdhiq bin Basri History Department, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences,

University of Malaya


4. New Nationalism in Post-New Order Indonesia Suzanna Eddyono Faculty of Social and Political Sciences,

Universitas Gadjah Mada

5. Harian Rakyat and Ang Bayan: The Democratization and Internationalization of Culture in Indonesia and Philippines Armando Anthony G. Mendoza III University of the Philippines Diliman
6. Geographic Identity and National Identity: A Constructivistic Study of the Development Paradigms in Indonesia Difa Kusumadewi

Rahmawati D.

Yuliar S.

Bandung Institute of Technology
7. The Ills of the Ethnic Nationalism in the Light of Said Nursi: A Study of Nationalism and the Question of Islam in Bangladeshi Identity Sumaiya Rabeya

Muhammad Hossain

International Islamic University Malaya
8. Critical Review of Alternative Media and Identity: A case study of Nusantara Fitaha Aini University of Leicester
9. The Emergence and (re)Definition of Halal in Indonesian Food Law Arum Budiastuti Dept of Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney
10. Conflict-Supportive Narrative in Indonesia’s Democracy: Beyond Identity Politics? Indriana Pratiwi

Dianty Widyowati Ningrum

University of Sydney

University of Manchester

11. From “Japok” (Depok Widow) to “Pelakor” (Husband-Snatcher): Online Cyber-sexism in Democracy Era


Maulida LP3I , Kediri
12. Religion and Politics of Identity: A case study of Indian Union Muslim League Sihabuddeen P University of Hyderabad
13. Nurse Uniform Design: Professional Identity Representation Deny Arifiana

G.R. Lono Lastoro Simatupang

SP. Gustami

Universitas Gadjah Mada
14. Islamic Politics of Palembang in the 1950s Ryllian Chandra State Islamic University Raden Patah Palembang
15. The Use of Adat as Identity Politics during Agrarian Conflict in Indonesia Sartika Intaning Pradhani Faculty of Law,

Universitas Gadjah Mada

16. Political Alienation Toward Disability People: A Case Study of Local Election in Banjarmasin City, 2015-2020 Pathurrahman;

Noviana Sari;

Siti Mauliana

Lambung Mangkurat University
17. The Rise of Right-Wing Populism and Peasant Depolitisation in Indonesia’s Countryside Laksmi Adrian Savitri Faculty of Cultural Sciences,

Universitas Gadjah Mada

18. Democracy, Regional Authonomy, and Rivalry: the Shifting of Mosalaki Role in Ende Lio District (Flores) Adrianus L.G. Waworuntu

Zeffry Alkatiri

Reynaldo de Archellie

Faculty of Humanities,

University Indonesia

19. Civil Society Organization Dynamics toward Participatory Development Practice: Study of Indonesia’s Indigenous and Environmental  Participatory Democracy Movement Strategies Andi Ismira West Sulawesi University
20. Reconstructing Cultural Identity Through Art Education in Post Reform era of Indonesia Neneng Yanti Khozanatu Lahpan Faculty of Arts and Media,

Institut Seni Budaya Indonesia

21. Identities Perplexity in Smart Climate Agriculture Initiatives in East Sumba: A Constructivistic Explanation with Actor-Network Theory John P. Talan;

Mbele, M.F.B.;

Riyadi A.;

Yuliar S.

Bandung Institute of Technology
22. The Philosophy of the Saniri Negeri as a Basis for Conflict Resolution Through Inclusive Societal Participation Aholiab Watloly;

Yustina Trihoni Nalesti Dewi;

Andreas Pandiangan:

Jonathan Kwik

Patimura University

Soegijapranata Catholic University




Democracy and Local Tradition: the Emergency of Transactional Politics in Local Context 2010-2014


Fuad Gani;

Zeffry Alkatiri

Reynaldo de Archelle


Universitas Indonesia

24. Malacan Identity in the Account of Eredia’s Declaration de Malaca Daya Negri Wijaya History Department State University of Malang
25. Reflecting Urban Identity’s Values through Traditional Humor Ludruk Performing Arts Moses Glorino Rumambo Pandin Faculty of Philosophy, Universitas Gadjah Mada
26. Democracy and Social Welfare Post-Reformation Yayan Hidayat

Muhammad Luthfil Hakim

Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara
27. Performing Indigenous Philosophy: Aprilan-Saparan Festivity as Civil Sphere for Interreligious Engagements in Merbabu Mountainsides, Central Java Izak Y. M. Lattu Graduate Program of Sociology of Religion, Satya Wacana Christian University
28. Adat as Local Ideology in the Indonesian Democracy Process:  A Study of the Toraja Ethnic Group in 2015’s  Local Election Sukri Tamma;

Andi Naharuddin;

Ariana Yunus;

Andi Ali Armunanto;

Sakinah Nadir

Politics Department,

University of Hasanuddin, Makassar

29. Anti Democratic Regime Criticism in Caricature Iwan Gunawan Institute Kesenian Jakarta