We are delighted to announce that the Faculty of Philosophy of Universitas Gadjah Mada will host the 7th International Conference on Nusantara Philosophy. The conference will bring theme “Philosophy and Academia in the Era of Post-Truth”. The conference aims to explore, discuss and seek framework in understanding multiple forms and different phenomenon of post-truth in Indonesian and global contexts. The Conference brings together theoretical exploration, observation, studies and research on issues related to post-truth from various settings within Indonesian context and worldwide.


Over the past five years, especially following the Brexit referendum and the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States, the term “post-truth” had been taking global concern and challenge over the humanity condition. The Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘post-truth’ as the situation in which public discourse is shaped by emotions, personal belief, or 'felt truth' rather than objective facts and scholarly findings. Attempts to analyze the various phenomena that characterize “post-truth era” have been taken by philosophers, political commentators, journalists, historians, sociologists, psychologists, and cultural critics. Indonesia too, has just experienced massive and widespread experience of post-truth during the last general election, especially at the presidential election. Hoaxes, false news and fabricated information were massively spread and mostly accepted as facts and truth by large part of Indonesian public.

Post-truth poses challenge for academia, scholarship and philosophy by leading to a situation which can be called as the “dead of expertise” (Tom Nicols 2017) and the “dead of scholarship” •••readmore•••


The Conference invites theorists, scholars, researchers and practitioners working in the fields of, but NOT limited to philosophy, political science, sociology, anthropology, gender studies, religious studies, human geography, psychology, public policy studies, media studies, international relations, sexuality, history, criminology, maritime studies, education, language and legal studies to submit their paper and contribute to the debate. We encourage postgraduate students to take part in the conference.


The conference will take a broad approach toward the theme by inviting a range of different perspectives and crosscutting fields of research in the areas of humanities and social sciences in order to achieve theoretical, developed, and empirically grounded understanding about the complexity of post-truth condition as a philosophical, ethical, social, political, and cultural issue, and pay particular attention on its implication on academia and scholarship enterprise.

The Conference aims to: •••readmore•••


Abstract Submission: 27 July – 9 October 2019

Registration: 20 August - 19 October 2019

Paper Submission Final: 16 October 2019

Conference Date: 19 - 20 October 2019


Conference Kit, Certificate, Lunch and Coffee Breaks During Conference dates, we provide in campus accommodation for 20 presenters who travel overseas or from outside Java



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